Spring Picks with Lush

Right before Easter I got the loveliest package from Lush! Today I’m sharing a review on these lovely products on the blog and I have to say I’m a huge Lush fan so any product never dissapoints me. Here’s a little lowdown on each product: 

Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel

This stuff leaves you smelling heavenly and it’s decently strong so I’ve been complimented that I am wearing a nice perfume when it’s just this shower gel. It’s nice and thick and lathers great. The jasmine and rose oil leaves me smelling great and also leaves my skin super supple. 

Chocolate Easter Egg Soap

I hadn’t used a bar of soap in years because of how much they dried my skin but this bar is awesome. The cocoa butter keeps my skin feeling moisturized, Macy loves this one too!

Golden Egg Bath Melt 

This melt is almost to pretty to use. Prepare for lots of glitter in your bath! It smells like a toffee treat and leaves your skin so soft after you get out of the bath. 

Chickin Mix Bath Bomb

This bath bomb egg comes apart and has a yolk bomb inside of it. You could actually use all three parts separately if you wanted more baths per bomb. Each one leaves your bath a pretty colour and a mood uplifting smell with citrusy bergamot.

Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar

Bubble bars are awesome at Lush because they are reusable. Each carrot leaves great bubble and colour to your bath. All you have to do is hold it under the running faucet until you have your desired amount of bubbles!

Which Came First Stripes Bomb

This bomb is also a 3 in 1 bomb but I chose to use it all at once! This one didn’t last as long as my other bath bombs but it bubbles for a fair bit and leaves a fun pink bath that was one of my fav smelling baths yet. 

Chocolate Lip Scrub

Who doesn’t love an edible lip scrub?! My lips get super chapped and this stuff is awesome at sloughing away the dead skin. I find I have to use a little more than a pea sized amount but it does a great job and leaves my lips very soft.

Thanks Lush for sponsoring this post! 


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