Life With a Two Year Old

I was looking at old videos of Macy as a newborn and I can’t believe I have a toddler now. Even though I miss those more relaxing days life with Macy lately is pretty fun! She has a mind of her own and thinks everything is her way or the highway. Parenting a toddler is a whole new ball game for us, but it’s an exciting adventure. Macy has been growing so much lately and is so good at talking to us and communicating. She is a super picky eater and if things were her way she would just eat ripple chips and French fries. Her favourite things right now are painting, cuddling, Paw Patrol and making food in her kitchen. Going to daycare while I’m in school has been great for her and I’ve noticed she’s learning so much there. I love my spunky cheese obsessed toddler ( she’s always sneaking the block out of the fridge and taking bites). The terrible twos are on full force and I try my hardest not to laugh at her when she’s mid tantrum. We have been blessed with a loving girl full of humour and life is never boring here in the Poulton household. Here’s some pictures from today – Macy trying to get me with her space laser gun!

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