The Story of Us

On September 4th of this past year we had the most beautiful wedding. I always wish I could go back and relive that day it went by so fast- its crazy all the planning and money that goes into that one day and then it is over before you know it. Lately a lot of people have been asking how me and Devin met so I am going to share about us. When I was 15 we moved to the Shuswap much to my dismay. I had to start at a new school and make new friends and I was soooo angry about it. Now I thank my Dad so much for moving us there because I have made some life long friendships and best of all met Devin. I first met Devin when I was 15 we went to the same school and youth group and he apparently thought I was creepy because I wouldn’t stop staring at him (he really is that good looking) but eventually I thought he was annoying as heck and we really didn’t talk much. Fast forward a year later and suddenly I noticed I was starting to like this guy…we would text the odd time and play Draw Something (I miss that game). Eventually I asked Devin to go to Dairy Queen with me at lunch, but unfortunately he didn’t want it to be a date and decided to bring his brother along and I third wheeled. Luckily he succumbed to my charm and soon enough we were hanging out just the two of us and June 30th 2012 he asked me to be his girlfriend. Dating Devin brought so many important and fun experiences into my life- he taught me how to pump gas and do laundry haha.

We were always going on adventures and things were never boring with us. In January 2013 Devin moved to Surrey and I was pretty upset as long distance dating is the worst and we even broke up for a few months. I thought that was it and I moved on thinking it wasn’t meant to be. I ran into Devin at May Camp at Sunnybrae Bible Camp much to my surprise… after the initial awkwardness we started talking again and decided to be friends…which eventually led to us dating again and I had moved to the Lower Mainland so thankfully no more long distance dating for us. Devin got the cutest cake made for me and once again asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes because I had a feeling he was the one for me. A year later I got pregnant with Macy and that brought a whole new dimension to our relationship. It matured us in so many ways and being parents to this beautiful little girl brought us even closer. We can’t imagine life without Macy as she brings us so much joy everyday. When Macy was a year old we were all getting dressed to go outside for a walk to the park and I decided to put Devin’s vest on…I felt something in the pocket and then I realized it was a little box. Devin and I looked at each other and he looked panicked and I was crying/laughing. He got down on one knee in our kitchen and proposed then I hysterically said yes. I ruined his proposal plans but it will always make for a funny story. A few months later we purchased our first home together (yes we do everything backwards) which was a terribly stressful thing to do a few months before your wedding. We then got married on the September long weekend and entered our “happily ever after”. Our life is crazy busy with me working and in school and as I enter the New Year I want to try my best to put time aside for the two of us. Being married isn’t easy, but its also the best feeling in the world and I am so excited to grow old with Devin. 2016 was a great year and we accomplished so much so I hope 2017 is even better! See below for a glimpse into our wedding day.untitled-1-2



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