Staying Cozy with Simply Merino + Promo Code

Little baby pajamas are one of my biggest weaknesses. When I got these super soft pajamas for Macy from Simply Merino I couldn’t believe the amazing quality along with being super cute. They are made of a lovely 100% New Zealand wool so have been great for these cold nights we have been having. Another cool feature of these pajamas is that Merino wicks away moisture and helps regulates your little ones body temperature. They are super light and breathable. There’s nothing worse for a baby then sweating like no other because of way to warm pajamas! This pajama set is also naturally fire resistant…no chemicals or synthetic fabrics. Macy even wears her pajama pants with her daily outfits or her shirt under her jean jacket- they are a great colour which is very versatile. Macy also revived a cute matching toque which keeps her little head warm on our cold walks to daycare. It’s super stretchy so it will last a long time and I love that it doesn’t make Macy’s head super wet and sweaty. We had our first snow today and Macy put it on and is wanting to go play outside!

Here are some photos of the pajamas and toque, go check out Simply Merino! For all my readers I have a promo code : mamatomacy10 for 10% off. Get on getting your Christmas Eve pajamas for your little ones! 

Thanks Simply Merino for sponsoring this post! 

Xo Danielle 

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