Mommy and me costumes with value village

Halloween is almost two weeks away! I’m so excited to take Macy trick or treating this year and our new neighbourhood is full of so many houses. We came up with the unique idea of me being a Futuristic Spaca Mama and Macy is my little Martian. We have teamed up with Value Village to share our budget friendly look! I found Macy a fairy headband and just glued some eyes to the top for her alien headband – super cute! When the time comes I’m going to attempt to paint her face green and mine will be silver , Value Village had a great selection of Halloween makeup. I found a super cool silver leather jacket in their used section and shiny leggings and a galaxy headband in their Halloween section which includes lots of new products. They had a great selection of fake eyelashes as well and I found some crazy ones to use on Halloween. Macy’s costume was super easy and I found both her shirt and skirt in the used kids costume section- now we are just on the hunt for alien green leggings! I can’t wait to share how we look on Halloween. 

Here’s a peak at our costumes! 

Her facial features kill me!

Value Village had lots of Halloween lipsticks to choose from and I can’t decide between silver or bright purple!

Thank you Value Village for sponsoring this post. All opinions are honest and my own.

Xo/ Danielle 

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