The best shoe for your little one

Let’s talk Freshly Picked. If you’re  a mom and haven’t heard of these amazing Mocs then go check them out! The designs are endless and they are my fav shoe for Macy because the leather lasts ages and so easy to get on. Macy’s converse drive me nuts with the laces! Macy has had a few pairs and they match any outfit. Macy just learned to say “shoe” and these are her go to pair that she attempts to put on but doesn’t have that quite down pat yet ( she just sits there yelling at herself haha). Another thing I love about Freshly Picked Mocs are that they stay on well, I hate losing a shoe in the mall! Freshly Picked is an awesome company that Susan started with no money but lots of perseverance which I find motivating. These Mocs are the best for your little ones and it’s cool to have a collection of them as they grow through the sizes. I plan on making a shadow box of a pair for Macy’s wall. Here’s some photos of a Fall style on Macy and the Mocs sure complete the look.

Thanks Freshly Picked for sponsoring this post. All opinions are honest and my own!

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