A day in our life with Nikon 

As our weeks are super busy with school and work we hardly have time to snap pics let alone remember to charge our Nikon D5500 battery. Today we went for a drive to check out the prize homes for the BC children’s lottery ( swooning over these homes) and then went to Cresent Beach and hit up DQ for lunch , their cheeseburgers will forever be my weakness. It was a warm day for September but really I’m ready to say goodbye to summer I just love the fall season. Today marks one week of us being married and I can’t say the married life feels much different but we I’m so excited for what’s in the  future for us 🙂 We love going on walks and being active on the weekends but we haven’t so much this summer because of wedding planning, was great to get out today and here’s a little glimpse into our afternoon. I love using my Nikon during the day – it takes such crisp photos and catches the colors brilliantly so it makes editing my photos a piece of cake!

Somebody has been so grumpy lately and full of sass. Hello terrible twos!

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