Fall Favourites

Today I am sharing some of my fav new products and things that I have discovered lately. I love when bloggers share products as I love to try new items.I am in full fall mode here (yes I am one of those people) and am excited to go fall decor shopping!

Here are some of my fav products we have been loving lately:

Method Clementine Dish Soap // This stuff smells amazing and is non-toxic. The orange colour is great for fall season. You can also get refill bags!


Saje Airoma Room Spray // Our house tends to smell like Macy’s butt so this spray makes our home smell much better! Also is 100% natural.


Honest Co Detangler // Both me and Macy use this and it makes our hair super soft. My hair is quite long right now and tangles like no other so this is a month. Debating getting a bob!


Lush Massage Bars // I dont know why I have never discovered these! My friend gave me one at my bridal shower and I am hooked. I get sore from doing homework so this is great for me!


Lathermitts by Latherup Co // These are an awesome product! We use them in the bath and it exfoliates both mine and Macy’s skin.They are great for holding soapy Macy in the shower because their has been countless times she almost slips out of my arms..


Munchkin Lunch Bags // How cute are these! I use them for when Macy goes to daycare and she loves them.


DIY Fall Decor// I created this printable today on Photoshop. So easy!


Thanks to the sponsors within this post!


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