Keeping an eye on macy

Lately little Miss Macy has been such a little troublemaker. From sneaking food, or drawing on her bed to hiding condiments in her room. I am super excited to share with you this amazing Withings Home HD Security Camera. I enjoy that its aesthetically pleasing and is compact so I can place it on any shelf around the house. Whenever Macy goes and plays by herself in her room I use it as a great way to keep an eye on her. It connects to my Iphone and streams via Wifi or 3G/4G. Withings Home also works with your tablet, your Apple watch and is the first camera you can stream on your Apple TV. Say if I see her attempting to empty her dresser I can communicate with her through the microphone on my phone and she immediately knows mamas watching her. Home features advanced tracking to detect noise and motion, and the ability to alert you only when necessary. So we are excited to set it up in our home next time we go on vacation and it will give me piece of mind that our home and belongings are safe. Another important feature I loved is that Home can detect volatile organic compounds with the air quality sensor. This camera also can travel back in time- you can explore what has been recorded up to 30 days beforehand which is great for if it happens to catch your babies first steps or funny moments. With a 135° wide angle lens and high-quality night vision it works as a great baby monitor day and night. During the night you can use the lullaby feature paired with customized LED light sequences to entertain and soothe your baby to sleep. Head to the Withings website to get one of these cameras for your home, pets and family!DSC_7363DSC_7366DSC_7364DSC_7367

thanks Withings for sponsoring this post. All opinions are honest and my own!


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