Life Lately with Nikon Pt.2

I can’t believe its August already! These past few weeks have been hectic with trips,exams and the final details to our wedding. This week we are staying in a hotel while new flooring gets installed in our house. I love staying in hotels even though its only 5 mins from our house ( I am have the best sleeps in hotel beds) & I love not having to cook breakfast. Last weekend we drove up to Kelowna and that was an adventure waiting in a traffic jam on the highway for an hour, but we made it and went to our friends beautiful wedding.We stayed at the super cool retro themed Hotel Zed and explored downtown Kelowna.Last night was my last day of school and now I have a month off until a crazy busy coarse load in September and Miss Macy starts daycare 😦 . She has grown like crazy in the past couple weeks and she is learning communication so well! She is also becoming so sassy and clingy- but I dont mind all the cuddles. Our wedding is four weeks away and yes I am excited, but I am also super excited for the planning to end. Devin and I want to go on a trip together in the Fall so that will be my next planning/pinteresting thing…I have the biggest itch to travel lately! Here are some photos I have snapped recently with my Nikon D5500.


The baked goods at The Bread Company in Kelowna are amazing. Check this place out!


Macy in mid-stretch…that face kills me!


This was my baby when I was a little girl and Macy loves carrying it around- she calls it “B”.


Pulp Fiction Cafe in Kelowna was super funky. I had some delish carrot cake (my fav).


Macy loves her Grandma!


Thank you Nikon for sponsoring this post.


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