Selling Vintage with Ezebee

Today I am sharing about a great new website Ezebee ,a new and creative online marketplace to shop and sell giving anyone in the world an opportunity to create a free online shop and offer any products or services they like. I recently endeavored into selling vintage goods online so Ezebee is a perfect opportunity to sell my product! Setting up my shop was super easy and the webpage is not difficult to navigate whatsoever. I uploaded the photo of my product and a description and best of all it was free to post! I particularly like that I can gear my product listing to certain genders, age and destinations.Another great aspect about Ezebee is the shopping part ( bad for your wallet right!) I found so many great products I liked from clothes to handmade items to furniture. Also you can pin anything on Ezebee (similar to Pinterest concept). I use this to create organized wish lists and inspiration to easily refer back to.

Some of my favourites: 

Features I love about Ezebee

  • Ability to use different currencies when listing your product.
  • Pinning products
  • Easily click the chat button to chat and negotiate with the seller.
  • Using your search history Ezebee will correlate suggested products on your shopping home page.
  • Ability to import products from another website you may have by just copy and pasting a link.

As we get older we collect so many things- don’t need it anymore? Post it to Ezebee to make some extra cash! Have creativity and talents? Post it! The options are endless and who doesn’t love extra income.

logo Thanks Ezebee for making it super easy to post products from my Love of Revival                   Vintage Shop. This post was sponsored by Ezebee- all opinions are honest and my own!

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