in the sunshine with cotton fox shop

Cotton Fox Shop creates the sweetest handmade dolls, foxes, bows and bloomers. I absolutely love the fabrics Jordan uses- all have a lovely vintage vibe! Today I am sharing some photos I snapped of Macy in her bloomers, nylon bow and adorable stuffed fox. The quality of the bloomers is just amazing and super comfy for Macy to run around in. The stitching is perfect and I expect these bloomers will last Macy a long time which is great since I have purchased handmade baby clothing before that wasn’t that durable. In her hair Macy is sporting a matching nylon bow headband- how cute is the strawberry print! The nylon band doesn’t leave any marks on Macy’s head and is very lightweight so she doesn’t notice it and try to pull it off (how we have lost so many headbands!). Macy loved taking her fox companion to play outside..she is getting such an imaginative mind as she gets older and I loved watching her feed her fox blueberries, put her to sleep in the grass and give her kisses. I am a huge sucker for handmade dolls and animals and this fox is my favorite. It is amazing quality and a great size for Macy to carry around- and they come in your outfit print of choice. I am so happy with our Cotton Fox products. Go check out Jordan’s shop here. Check out the photos I snapped below! I used my Nikon D5500 and took advantage of the Child scene setting which has a higher shutter speed since Macy was wild and on the move today.


Putting her fox to sleep in the grass and she says “night” about 20 times!


Macy going ” tickle tickle” to her fox.


Buckling her fox in. Her imagination has been developing so greatly I love seeing her play pretend!


Crazy baby about to charge at my with her weapon!


Loved our playtime in the grass. The past few weeks have been so busy its nice to get out and just focus on my girl.

All opinions are honest and my own.


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