DIY African Mudcloth Inspired Pillows with Ikea


Mudcloth pillows are super trendy this year (hello LoomGoods & Maewoven!) but I could not justify the price. So I have created an easy DIY that look just the same and the designs are endless. The Ikea Gurli pillowcases are only $4 and you can use an old pillow as an insert or the FJÄDRAR inner cushion which is $7. Check out my DIY below and feel free to pin and share!

What you need:

  • White canvas feeling cushion cover (ink wont spread on these).
  • Fabric paint pen in black (I got mine at Micheals).
  • Masking tape to tape down your pillow case so it doesn’t move while you are drawing.



  1. Tape down your pillow case to your tile floor or to a large piece of cardboard. Also put a piece of cardboard into the pillowcase so the ink does not leak through to the other side.
  2. Take your fabric pen and let your mind be creative! It may help to use masking tape to keep your pattern in a straight line.
  3. Heat set your pillowcase in the dryer for 30 mins. This keeps the print from bleeding or washing out. All done. Place on your couch or on your bed. Feel free to tag me in your creations!




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