Forest Walk + Armadillo Flip XT Review

When we received this stroller from Mamas & Papas I could not believe the modern design, easy steering and also the comfort it provided Macy. I am in love with this stroller and the trendy teal colour. Today I am sharing my review on the Armadillo Flip XT and also snapped some cute photos of our walk on a trail in White Rock.


So easy to buckle Macy in with this 5 point harness and keeps her in place. There a soft foam strap covers too which prevent any discomfort. The seat of the pram is also a soft foam (reminds me of memory foam pillows) which can recline easily to lay down position and can even be switched around so the baby is facing mom or dad while pushing the stroller.


Yes that hack job on her bangs is from me….sorry Macy!


I love this feature. There is a latch underneath the seat that can lower the end or have it up so Macy can have her feet up and put her toys or sippy on it.I do wish this stroller came with a cup holder but  you can buy one that attaches to the side of the stroller.The calf rest is great for keeping blankets bundled around your little ones legs too!


I found that during our walk on trail it maneuvered great on the terrain. Wherever I am pushing Macy the stroller always feels light and easy to steer, pivots + turns nicely in tight spaces. There is one brake pedal which is so much more convenient then our past stroller which had one for each wheel!


Unlike most strollers there is a XXL hood that is UV Ray resistant. Perfect for when Macy falls asleep! There is also a rain hood included in the box for those dismal days.The hood also has the addition of a toy loop and mesh air vent.


Compared to our last stroller the storage basket underneath the seat is much bigger- great for our trips to the mall, but do not fill up it up toooo much or else the basket will sag and drag on the ground. This can be prevented by lining the bottom of the basket with a piece of cardboard.IMG_6740IMG_6753

How cute are our matching dresses? Another one of my fav unique features of this stroller is the handle is extendable – perfect for tall Mama’s like me. When someone on the shorter side is taking Macy for a walk it is easily adjusted so you can push comfortably and at the right height.


I found this stroller pretty easy to fold up. You just hold the recline lever and push the seat back all the way down forward and then fold down the push bar. I do find difficulty sometimes twisting the handle to push the push bar down. Once folded there is a clamp that keeps it folded compact.


Really you can collapse this stroller all with one hand. One downside is it is quite a heavy stroller…but it does fold up quite compact.


Overall we are so impressed with this stroller. It is easy to fold up and manages great no matter what terrain we are going for a walk on. I get so many compliments on the teal colour which compliments it’s sleek aesthetic. It is on the heavy side so hopefully that builds up my muscle strength haha. Lucky for my Canadian Mama’s this stroller will be available in Canada soon. Check out Mamas and Papas Canada’s Facebook page.

Thanks Mamas and Papas for sponsoring this post. All opinions are honest and my own.


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