Dreaming in Green with Green Buds Baby


Being a mom and learning about all the toxic and chemical ridden baby products and food always worries me. So I try my best to be conscious and buy organic when I can! One thing I had never thought of was Macy’s bedding…we have a certified green mattress but after some research I found out some bedding is made with toxins and chemicals in them. I was so happy to hear about Green Buds Baby. They carry bedding that is made with premium 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton & mattresses that are made with coconut coir (bed bug and mite resistant)- so cool! I found the quality of this bed set to be amazing and soft and I really love that all the designs are screen printed to reduce environmental impact.One of the great aspects of the bedding collection is that the comforter is made with wool fill for its numerous health benefits which include temperature regulating and moisture wicking technology. Babies very often have difficulty regulating their own body temperature as it only develops once they’re several months old so this takes care of that! Avoids night sweats and helps them achieve a restful sleep.

The abstract design looks great in Macy’s room. Below are some photos of Macy enjoying her cozy new bed set! Check out Green Buds Baby’s shop here.



Those eyes!


All opinions are honest and my own. Thanks Green Buds Baby for sponsoring this post!


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