In the Nursery with Munchkin

Today I am reviewing some of Munchkin’s  products for your little ones nursery! I am sharing my honest thoughts on the new and fancy Step Diaper Pail (which when purchased Munchkin will plant a tree- so awesome!) , the Nursery Projector Sound System and Macy’s sweet lil owl nightlight. Also check out my Instagram page to enter to win a Munchkin Diaper Pail!

Step Diaper Pail

No more stinky home for us! The past year we haven’t used a diaper pail for Macy and I must admit the smell tends to get a bit unbearable. I haven’t had much faith in diaper pails, but the Step really does the job. It has controlled diaper odor in our home and also looks great at the same time with its sleek aesthetic. STEP can be used with both refill rings and snap, seal & toss refill bags- I love the refill rings super easy for me. This pail locks in smells with its self sealing technology that shuts when the lid is closed and also the bags are a lovely lavender scent. At the bottom of the lid I love how I can attach the Arm & Hammer scented pucks to combat the stink even more.I am overall so pleased with this diaper pail and love the easy to use step pedal to open it. It was very simple for me to figure out how to use the STEP with the easy to read instructions. A new nursery must-have!

Nursery Projector Sound System

We had never used sounds for Macy in the past as she has always gone to sleep easy, but these past two months she really throws a tantrum when I put her down for naps and bedtime. This projector shines a slide on to the roof and it instantly distracts her. Today at nap time she just laid in her crib oooing and ahhhing at the animation before drifting off to sleep. I also played the lullaby feature along with the projection and it calmed her down greatly after today’s grumpy morning. It also has a night light option too! Love all the features this system has.

Light My Way Nightlight

Macy loves playing with this in her crib while she falls asleep and it has a 20 minute timer so no battery is wasted! It also looks super cute sitting on her dresser and adds a nice glow to her room. We are endeavoring into potty training soon so when Macy eventually gets up to go to the bathroom at night this little owl is easy to hold so she can find her way to the potty.



Thanks Munchkin for sponsoring this post!


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