Nursery Style// Macy’s Space

I am always changing Macy’s room decor as I get tired of things so quickly and find new things I love! I love her cozy room and all its special decor. Today I am sharing some wonderful nursery pieces from a few of my fav brands and some DIYS I did for her room. Check out the photos below!

This beautiful quilt is from Threads Sew Fine. It is of amazing quality and I love the trending cross print this year- gives kind of a Scandinavian vibe. Macy uses it as a crib quilt and also a play mat! I made this blanket ladder last year and this quilt looks great on it. Check out Renae’s other handmade pieces I am loving the crib sheets and modern designs.


Tassels are a big trend in nurseries this year so I made this cute garland! There is a tutorial under my DIYS on the blog.


The little bit of natural light Macy’s room gets- so sad! When we buy a home she will definitely be having a well lit room!


I created both this banner and yarn hanging, next purchase is a loom weave hanging for her room which I cannot make for the life of me so I made this easier version.



One of my favourite photos of Macy taken by her daddy with his film camera.


This gorgeous mobile is from Pehr Designs. Love felt balls and adds a great pop of bright colours to her room.


Since we have a rental I can’t paint Macy’s walls so luckily theres Urban Walls vinyl decals to spruce up her walls. These adorable feathers were created in collaboration with Vonbon and I couldn’t be happier about these decals! They were super easy to put on and the options of designs + colours they provide is endless… love the ice cream ones. They even have modern decals for in your home not just children rooms!


Loving this new shelf I just picked up at Home Sense!


This dresser was another DIY, thinking of getting some pretty Anthropologie knobs to add some colour!


I am in love with everything in mustard colour and was so happy with this bunting made by the lovely Rebekah Krahn!




Love how the feathers look like they are fluttering down from the sky!




Finally, I have to mention this lovely hanger made by Handcrafted Affairs . Its beautifully made and will be something I will treasure and keep for Macy forever! Its great for displaying Macy’s cute dresses out in the open on her wall- I cant let this hanger hide in the closet! Definitely will be getting one for my wedding dress.This makes a great personalized gift go check out her Etsy Shop!




Macy loves her rocking lamb and always snuggles up to it and calls it Buddy! This one is discontinued, but you can find a similar one here.



Time for nap time!



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