Whats In My Diaper Bag // Lily Jade

Now that Macy is one I find that my diaper bag load has gone down significantly! Today I am sharing my diaper bag essentials all packed into my beautiful new Lily Jade Rosie Diaper Bag. This bag is amazing and looks like a stylish purse, while having tons of compartments for packing Macy’s things. There is even room for all my necessities too! Loving this spacious bag, check out their many other styles…there is even backpacks!

Some of my essentials for our daily outings…


-Teething Bracelet or Necklace…I love my Mint Mommas bracelet that Macy can gnaw on and is modern + stylish.

-Lipstick/ ILIA is my current fav.

-Snack bar for me


-Diapers & wipes of course!

-Hand Lotion


-Smoothie for me

-Sippy cup of H2O

-Puree Pouch/ Macy guzzles them down!

-Toy to entertain her/ these Baby Lit Stroller Cards are awesome + educational!

I like a minimally packed diaper bag or else it takes me too long to search through it! This diaper bag even has a key ring for your keys which I have always lost in my previous bags.


Love the jade detailed tassel on the bag!



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