Brand Love// Pehr Designs

One thing I absolutely adore about having a baby is finding cute nursery decor and having a room to always change up as Macy grows. Today I am sharing a modern brand full of stylish and sophisticated items for your little one & classy housewares. Pehr Designs is one of my top fav brands right now- I wish I could have everything! Jennifer Kelly and Rebecca Perren launched Pehr in 2010 and Petit Pehr in 2013, it has constantly flourished ever since and is now known world wide. There is something for everyone in their shop from tea towels to crib sheets and lots more.If you are an expecting mama you can also create a registry on their site. Check out their website you will not be able to leave without making a purchase, plus they have free domestic shipping right now until January 31st!

Our Pehr Picks

Let’s Fly Bird Pillow

I am so in love the Pehr pillow collection and I knew this one would be a great fit for Macy’s colourful nursery. It’s modern style is so unique plus this little birdy is a great pal for when shes in her crib. Yesterday when Macy woke up I peeked through the door and she was sitting there babbling to her bird pillow & kissing its beak- love seeing her personality grow! This pillow is totally versatile to last for many years even as Macy’s room style matures from nursery to big girl room.






Merry Go Round Mobile

Felt balls are addicting hands down, every time I see something made of them I instantly want it! Macy loves this mobile and I plan on keeping it in her room as decor even when shes transitioned out of her crib. The array of colours are great sensory for those little developing eyes.I give the mobile a little twirl and as I spy on Macy falling asleep all tucked in I see her entranced by it and then dozing into lala land. This mobile matches and colour scheme and is an adorable yet stylish nursery staple.




Black Stripe Hamper

Since Macy was born we have always used a tiny plastic hamper that really didn’t do the job. I was so excited to get this large hamper- the uses are endless.You can store your beach stuff in it, take it camping, hide toys and throw dirty clothes in it. Whatever you can think of! I am using it to store Macy’s toys and blankets,but when we got it of course she thought it was a new fort for her.This durable canvas fabric will last through tons of wear & tear for sure. This simple design looks great in Macy’s nursery, I am slightly jealous of it! If your hamper gets wrinkled or creased just iron it and it will be in tip-top shape again.



Macy being silly and hiding in the hamper. I love candids of that face – pure joy!


Soundly sleeping & the cutest little toes.


Thanks to Pehr Designs for sponsoring this post!



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