Feeding a One Year Old

In the past couple weeks we have ditched the formula and started cow’s milk. This means that Macy needs much more food and still all the nutrients the formula provided her. BUT Macy has been throwing her food on the floor a lot of the time and spitting her food out- looks like I have a picky eater! Also I think with teething right now she really isn’t interested in chewing..13th tooth is cutting through!


Here’s what a day of Macy’s meal options looks like


Organic flax oatmeal,scrambled eggs with avocado/cheese or greek yogurt with berries + chia.


Shredded chicken, almond butter on whole grain bread, Annie’s Mac & Cheese, sweet potato chunks, peas or if shes being really picky she will only eat a Organic fruit & veggie pouch.


Whatever we are eating or…Sliced turkey, bean medley, chicken and pasta, rice or roasted zucchini.


Blueberries, raspberries, cucumber chunks, crackers, Annie’s cheese bunnies,kiwi or banana.

Lately we have been so busy every day and it can be hard to feed her finger foods where ever we are so here are some great healthy on-the-go snacks I recommend.

on the go snacks

1.Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies 2. Boon Snack Cup 3.Ella’s Kitchen Pouches 4. Love Child Organics Pat-A-Cakes 5. Happy Melts 6. Pressed Juicery Cold Pressed Juice 7.Skip Hop Straw Bottle 8. Organic Valley String Cheese 9. SoYoung Cooler Bag


Here are some great recipes for yummy finger foods! Soon I want to start doing all her finger foods in an ice cube tray so she has a little bit of everything and can work on her motor skills.

1.Sweet Potato Waffles

2.Kale Spinach Apple Quesadilla

3.Mini Chicken and Carrot Meatballs

4.Broccoli and Cheese Fritatta Fingers

5.Baby Chicken Stew

If you have any amazing baby food recipes feel free to comment!


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