DIY Nursery Banner

Decorating Macy’s room and constantly changing my theme scheme gives me lots of oppurtunities to do fun DIYS for her room. Crafts with felt are a big thing on Pinterest this year so I came up with this fun banner to create. Its not to hard to make and isn’t expensive! You can adjust the felt colour to your need and to match your little ones nursery of course and even hang some tassels or pom poms on the side. Hope you enjoy this DIY!

What you need: 

-1 sheet of felt for your banner backing

-1 sheet of felt for your letters

-hot glue gun,pencil and scissors

-paper to draw letter patterns

-wooden dowel




Cut your felt for your banner as seen in the picture below or cut it bunting style, whatever you wish!


Draw your letters on paper to use as a pattern while cutting your felt. I want “Babe Cave” on this banner so I needed to cut a B,A,V,E, and C.


Next, pin your letter patterns to your choice of felt and cut around the patterns.


Attach all your cut out letters to your banner.Felt sticks to felt or you can use glue!



Hot glue your dowel to the top of your banner. Fold the felt over it so the dowel is hidden from the back.


Take your string and double knot it to each side to create a hanging string for your banner.



Done! Hang your banner on a nail or stick to the wall with some Washi Tape!




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