Shop Feature//Jodie Podie Lush Lovie

Ever since Macy was born I have called her Macy Moo and with that comes lots of cow print stuff.When I am out shopping and I see something cow related I must get it for her. One day she will realize its her favourite animal! Today I am doing part two of my shop feature for Jodie Podie. Jodie’s products are now available in some Brick and Mortar stores such as in West Hollywood, Toronto and New York and is expanding to other boutiques in the future. Most excitingly, Jodie Podie products are now available for purchase at Bel Bambini in West Hollywood- all celebs fav baby store! Can’t wait to see this brand grow and grow. Todays post and photoshoot is about the Connie the Cow Lush Lovie. When I first opened this luxurious lush lovie , Macy instantly pointed and said “Whats that!”. Macy loved petting the plush cow head attached to the blanket calling it a puppy. I love that this cozy minky blanket has a head and tail…makes it super huggable! I so wish I had Connie the Cow when Macy was taking part in “tummy time”, the head rests on the blanket for your little one to interact with.Also when the blanket is not in use it folds up easily into a cow character. This afternoon Macy and I went for a walk to the park in the sun and her lush lovey was a great stroller companion! When we went to go sit on the grass she loved sitting on it and playing with Connie’s head kept her interested in staying seated and not running away from me. When I let Macy walk down the path she brought Connie along – I can tell an attachment is growing. Check out the photos below of our adventure to the park with Connie the Cow!

Here is a little write up from Jodie…

My journey started when I had my first child and I tried my best to search for that great quality, well made item for my most precious little bundle of joy.  Most days it was a rather daunting task, with products being manufactured offshore and barely lasting the first wash.  I, personally, found it a very difficult and time-consuming process.  I wanted to surround my child with only the finest and I was definitely not willing to compromise on quality,  so, I decided to start making my own.  That was 10 years ago.

Jodie Podie is a culmination of a lot of research, hard work, sweat and yes…some tears. It was a personal mission for me to source, produce and provide great fabrics and more importantly, to provide well made baby products that had some integrity in their manufacture. Jodie Podie is proud to offer Canadian made baby products to all parents who want to provide only the best to their little ones. I welcome you to Jodie Podie…my nickname dubbed me by my father when I was just a little girl.

Jodie Podie is offering free shipping Canadian wide until Christmas and if you use the code MACY10 you get 10% off your order.Check out her website here , follow on Instagram & like Jodie Podie on Facebook!












My little Rudolph with her red nose- chilly day!


I love the personalization embroidery. It makes this blanket so special- we will treasure it forever.



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