DIY Christmas Tassel Garland

Christmas is my favourite time of year for DIYs. This cute garland is great for parties,nurseries and home decor. The options are endless for yarn colour schemes- I went with a simple white because it reminds me of winter and snow! This is a pretty easy garland just a little time consuming with making the tassels. It took me about an hour to make. Hope you enjoy my tutorial!

What you need:


-assortment of wooden beads


-string to hang your tassels and beads on


-cardboard rectangle for making tassels



Take your cardboard and wrap your yarn around about 20-30x. Depends on how thick you want your tassel.


Take a 4 inch piece of yarn and tie a knot around the yarn at the top of the cardboard.


Cut the end of the yarn (bottom of the cardboard/opposite the knotted top).IMG_5238

You should have something that looks like this below.


Next, to make the “head” just wrap a a string of yarn around a few times and tie (do this about two inches from the top of the tassel).



Next begin tying your tassels to the string.Leaving room for the beads between.


Slide your beads onto the string in between each tassel in what ever way you like! I purchased small and bigger beads to create a pattern.


Hang your garland on two nails and Ta Da!


I might keep my garland up all year round I love it! Feel free to send me pictures of your tassel garlands or comment any suggestions!






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