Shop Feature//Jodie Podie Hooded Lovie

Now that our days are starting to bring cold winter temperatures and our house is chilly in the morning, bundling up Macy has begun! Jodie Podie is wonderful Canadian business that designs top quality, luxurious products from infancy through childhood.When I first felt the Lara the Lamb Hooded Lovie I couldn’t believe how soft it was…made with super lush minky it doesn’t get any cozier than that.This hooded lovie can be a poncho but also fits over your little ones car seat carrier without causing bulkiness or interfering with the harness. I know Macy will get so much use of this because it lasts until shes 2 years old and the next size up lasts until 5 years old. The hooded lovies are so adorable and sure generate a lot of compliments…plus its great for snuggling my little lamb! Macy modeled the hooded lovie like a pro in her photoshoot, scroll down to see the cute photos.I will be featuring two other Jodie Podie products too this month so stay tuned for that!



A little bit about Jodie Podie…

My journey started when I had my first child and I tried my best to search for that great quality, well made item for my most precious little bundle of joy.  Most days it was a rather daunting task, with products being manufactured offshore and barely lasting the first wash.  I, personally, found it a very difficult and time-consuming process.  I wanted to surround my child with only the finest and I was definitely not willing to compromise on quality,  so, I decided to start making my own.  That was 10 years ago.

Jodie Podie is a culmination of a lot of research, hard work, sweat and yes…some tears. It was a personal mission for me to source, produce and provide great fabrics and more importantly, to provide well made baby products that had some integrity in their manufacture. Jodie Podie is proud to offer Canadian made baby products to all parents who want to provide only the best to their little ones. I welcome you to Jodie Podie…my nickname dubbed me by my father when I was just a little girl.

Jodie Podie is offering free shipping Canadian wide until Christmas and if you use the code MACY10 you get 10% off your order.Check out her website here , follow on Instagram & like Jodie Podie on Facebook!













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