Feature Shop//A Pinch of Pretty + DIY Advent Calendar

Christmas is definitely my favourite time of the year. Celebrating the birth of Jesus, spending time with family and good food makes me so happy! I will be posting quite a few Christmas DIY’s over the season and some lovely shop features. Today I am sharing an advent calendar DIY (Pottery Barn inspired) and a bit about one of my new favourite shops A Pinch of Pretty. Sarah creates custom art and signs that are absolutely exquisite.I love seeing all her talented work on her Instagram feed, I literally wan’t them all! I recently got two lovely signs made by A Pinch of Pretty that are great rustic Christmas decor in my home. The “Oh come let us adore Him” sign reminds me of what Christmas is all about and sometimes I do need a reminder during the ruckus of gift-giving.



Here is a little write-up from Sarah!


As a busy mother of four life is crazy, chaotic, challenging but wonderful. I’m learning to seek the pure beauty in it as well as having God’s perspective daily instead of focusing on the ‘crazy’.

I felt I had to put my dreams and desires aside for a time but now I see the importance in doing what brings me joy! I needed the balance and had been seeking a venture for some time that would allow me the creative outlet without taking too much time away from my family, whom I absolutely treasure the most.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been creating works of art, many of which included scripture quotes because I have always loved the encouragement they bring. One day in conversation with a friend, after creating a painted chalkboard sign for her, she asked me why I wasn’t selling my artwork. I honestly had not considered that possibility. I had painted large pieces for churches, birthday signs, quotes on walls, bedrooms as well nurseries. I have always loved adding meaningful beauty to space.

So I got started simply by taking some scrap wood and experimenting painting on them to see if there were people who might be interested in purchasing them. I was surprised to have such a positive response! Now I paint on whatever medium I have around. I have enjoyed experimenting with burlap canvases and different types of wood. What inspires me the most is reading scriptures and turning those into signs that can encourage people to live inspired lives.  I feel like God can use these messages to speak to hearts and souls of others. My dream for the future is the hope  that my business will grow. I will continue to trust God for each day as He gently leads me. I am thankful beyond words for the support that I have received from family, friends and people I’ve never met who have something that I’ve made them.  We were all created with purpose, hopes, dreams and desires to fulfill the life we’ve been given. I hope that this inspires others to pursue what they love!

Blessings beyond measure,

  Sarah Fanslau

~A Pinch of Pretty

I am very excited to see what the future will bring to Sarah’s business. The signs really do add “a pinch of pretty” to our home-we get so many compliments. Check out A Pinch of Pretty on Facebook and Instagram!

DIY Ladder Advent Calendar


While looking for an advent calendar on the Pottery Barn website I discover a beautiful tapered ladder with white mini advent stockings hanging from the rungs. I loved it,but could not justify the 199$.So we decided to make one ourselves! It does take a little bit of time as sewing is involved,but its worth it and great to have in your home for years to come!

What you need:

-1 package of white felt ( I used a 3 ft by 4 ft sheet)

-Scissors and hammer

-hot glue gun

-1 inch nails

 -Four 4ft long 1.5 inch wide cedar

-Sewing machine

-Number stencils and black paint ( I used Martha Stewart)

1. Saw your rung pieces. We cut six rungs and made each one a little bit bigger than the last to create a tapered ladder look. This is totally customizable to how big you want your ladder to be. Our rung measurements from top to bottom are: #1: 10.5 in. , #2: 11.5 in. , #3: 12 in. , #4: 13 in. , #5: 13.5 in. , #6: 14 in.


2. Hot glue gun each rung to the ladder side 5 inches apart from each other (use two of your 4 ft long pieces of cedar for the sides). You can kind of just eye it by looking at your ladder and placing your rungs where you like and marking with a pencil.


3. Here is what your ladder should look like!

IMG_4877      IMG_4881

4. Next is the stockings. There’s tons of templates to print online but we made our own. Our stockings are about 6 inches tall ( not including the loop). If you don’t feel like sewing 25 stockings feel free to just use some cute canvas, burlap or paper bags! Cut out 25 stockings by pinning the template to felt folded in half.


5. Sew the stockings all the way around except the top obviously for the opening. I used a 3/4 cm seam allowance.

6. Next, cut out 1 inch wide and 4 inch long strips of felt for you loops.


7. Fold your loops in half and slide it into the stocking opening just enough so you can so over top.



8. This is what the complete stocking should look like.


9. Stencil in your numbers 1-25 with black paint and a foam brush.


10. Line up all your stockings on the rungs (we did from top to bottom 4/4/5/6/6) and hammer in nail for your loops.


Now hang on your wall and fill with lovely treats!



Feel free to comment if you have any questions about creating the advent calendar!


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