Adventures//Othello Tunnels

Othello Tunnels is one of my favourite places to walk through. It is located near Hope, BC just off the highway. Built by the CPR in the early 1900’s, it’s definitely a historical must-see. There is tons of walking on trails to do and has such pretty views.Perfect for a picnic! We love taking Macy out to explore beautiful parks like this,our province has so much beautiful land we have yet to discover.

IMG_3917     IMG_3995

The tunnels actually are super dark and I highly recommend bringing a flashlight.Also don’t look up,water drips from the ceiling of the tunnels and I got a few right in the eye!

IMG_3899  IMG_3918 IMG_3925   IMG_3930 IMG_3935   IMG_3944

Please let me know of your favourite outdoor BC trails or any hidden gems you may know of! Adventuring is one of my most beloved hobbies.


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