Afternoon at the Ocean with Sombrilla


Now that summer is coming to an end that means no more beach time! So we got in one last afternoon in the sand at White Rock today. I am so so excited for next summer when Macy will be walking around and not eating dirt and seaweed. I love the warm sun and cool ocean breeze (hence Macy’s toque!), it’s totally different than lakes I went to growing up in the Okanagan. I really enjoy adventuring and going places with Macy,but during the summer finding shady places is a challenge. For this reason I was so excited to discover the Hollie and Harrie Beach Tent.There are so many uses for this stylish sun shade. You can use it in your backyard,on the sand or at the park! The options are endless. Plus it is very roomy. The tent is super easy to set up and best of all it offers 95% UV protection. The sun is one of my biggest concerns as a mother so I love that it protects Macy’s sensitive skin and keeps her cool. All the prints are super modern too. I am very excited to use this throughout the future at picnics and hot days-lets hope we get a few more of those in this Summer!

IMG_3662     IMG_3669

It is quite easy to assemble, but if you get lost check out this setting-up video here. Check out their sunshirts and towels too!

IMG_3664      IMG_3666 IMG_3678                IMG_3692IMG_3683     IMG_3726 IMG_3728


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