DIY// West Elm Inspired copper plant pot


One of my favorite things to search on Pinterest is for popular home store hacks. Can’t afford that Pottery Barn cushion? I bet you there is a diy for it on the internet. This plant pot is super easy and adds a dose of ever-trending copper to your home. After a quick trip to Micheal’s I had my supplies which only cost me 6$. Super cheap! There is tons of different designs you can do using your washi tape as a stencil maker. Feel free to share your designs!

What you need:


  •  foam paint brush
  • copper acrylic paint ( I used Martha Stewart, my fav craft paint)
  • white acrylic paint
  • terra cotta plant pot
  • washi tape


IMG_2054  IMG_2057

  1. Paint two coats or more of white paint on your pot and let dry in between each coat. Make sure you see no orange pot through the paint!


2.  Take your washi tape and create your stencil designs, I just did simple triangles around the base of the pot. Make sure to press the tape down firmly or else paint will seep under ruining your design.

IMG_2063  IMG_2065

3. Paint two coats of the copper paint inside your stencils, letting the coats dry in between each one.


4. Once the gold paint is completely dry slowly peel off your washi tape. Voila! You have perfect, mistake-free designs on your pot.


Place your plant of choice in the pot and don’t forget to water. I can’t keep plant alive for the life of me so I really hope this basil thrives!IMG_2129

xo Danielle

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