DIY// Wool wall hanging

IMG_2016 This is a way easier alternative from doing those trendy woven loom hangings. I didn’t have time to weave so I came up with this fun wall hanging with a stick I found in the bush! Can’t wait to hang this in Macy’s nursery. This type of chunky wool is very easy to work with and this DIY is possible for even the least creative person.

What you need: 

IMG_1994  IMG_1997

  • A chunky wool ( merino is great)
  •  A thick branch or a dowel
  • Random strings and yarns you may want to attach to your hanging
  • Tape measure & scissors


  1. Cut about 8 strips of the wool that are 32 inches long.
  2. Knot them to the wood as shown in the picture below.IMG_2005
  3. Knot each strand of wool to the wood and push all the knots close together and kind of mess up the wool by tasseling and running your fingers through.

IMG_2011   IMG_2012

4.  Add any braids, knots, strings and pieces of yarn you want to tie and wrap around your hangings strands, use your creativity to make it look unique!IMG_2014

5. Finally tie twine to each end of the branch and hang on a nail in your home!



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