Copycat Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade Refresher

Today I am sharing a delicious recipe for an iced passion tea lemonade that tastes just like Starbucks. Perfect for a hot summer day and is super easy to make in large batches too for parties & bbqs!

What you need: 

– 1.5L bottle of Happy Planet Organic Lemonade

– Two teabags of passion tea, Tazo is best but Lipton works also and is cheaper!

– Two spoonfuls of sugar or sweetener ( more or less whatever you like) .IMG_1474IMG_1469

First off boil 8 0z of water in the microwave or kettle and steep your two teabags for 15 mins.


While it is still a little warm stir in your sugar to dissolve and stick it in the fridge to cool.


When your ready to have your yummy drink just add some ice to a tumbler or glass and pour in 1 part tea to 2 parts lemonade.  I find this suits my taste but if you want to make it exactly like Starbucks its 1 part tea to 4/5 lemonade. Play with it as much as you like.


Enjoy your icy drink and feel free to comment any adjustments you made to the recipe!


xo// danielle

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