Spring Picks with Lush

Right before Easter I got the loveliest package from Lush! Today I’m sharing a review on these lovely products on the blog and I have to say I’m a huge Lush fan so any product never dissapoints me. Here’s a little lowdown on each product: 

Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel

This stuff leaves you smelling heavenly and it’s decently strong so I’ve been complimented that I am wearing a nice perfume when it’s just this shower gel. It’s nice and thick and lathers great. The jasmine and rose oil leaves me smelling great and also leaves my skin super supple. 

Chocolate Easter Egg Soap

I hadn’t used a bar of soap in years because of how much they dried my skin but this bar is awesome. The cocoa butter keeps my skin feeling moisturized, Macy loves this one too!

Golden Egg Bath Melt 

This melt is almost to pretty to use. Prepare for lots of glitter in your bath! It smells like a toffee treat and leaves your skin so soft after you get out of the bath. 

Chickin Mix Bath Bomb

This bath bomb egg comes apart and has a yolk bomb inside of it. You could actually use all three parts separately if you wanted more baths per bomb. Each one leaves your bath a pretty colour and a mood uplifting smell with citrusy bergamot.

Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar

Bubble bars are awesome at Lush because they are reusable. Each carrot leaves great bubble and colour to your bath. All you have to do is hold it under the running faucet until you have your desired amount of bubbles!

Which Came First Stripes Bomb

This bomb is also a 3 in 1 bomb but I chose to use it all at once! This one didn’t last as long as my other bath bombs but it bubbles for a fair bit and leaves a fun pink bath that was one of my fav smelling baths yet. 

Chocolate Lip Scrub

Who doesn’t love an edible lip scrub?! My lips get super chapped and this stuff is awesome at sloughing away the dead skin. I find I have to use a little more than a pea sized amount but it does a great job and leaves my lips very soft.

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Lush Valentines Picks

Valentine’s Day is rolling around the corner so I’ve teamed up with Lush to share some great gift ideas for your significant other! I could spend ages in that store smelling and sampling everything. I love everything that Lush stands for supports and everything is non toxic (great for little ones). So here are some of my Valentines picks! 

The Kiss Lip Scrub 

This stuff buffs my lips like no other and gets rid of all that flaky dry skin. Plus you can lick it off it’s edible! 

Two Hearts Beating As One Bath Melt

This luxury bath melt smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. The coral and magenta leave your bath a pretty colour as well. Perfect for a valentines night bath! 

Prince Charming Shower Cream

I love this stuff. It’s a neon pink and goes on your skin that colour so it’s super fun! After a long night at work this leaves me fresh and smelling great. This moisturizing shower cream is a must have.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Bubble bars at lush are awesome and I use them in Macy’s baths all the time. All you have to do is crumble under running water and you get giant foamy bubbles. The unicorn horn is a mix of pretty colours and has shimmer too it. Great valentines gift for both kiddos and adults!
Happy shopping! 


Life With a Two Year Old

I was looking at old videos of Macy as a newborn and I can’t believe I have a toddler now. Even though I miss those more relaxing days life with Macy lately is pretty fun! She has a mind of her own and thinks everything is her way or the highway. Parenting a toddler is a whole new ball game for us, but it’s an exciting adventure. Macy has been growing so much lately and is so good at talking to us and communicating. She is a super picky eater and if things were her way she would just eat ripple chips and French fries. Her favourite things right now are painting, cuddling, Paw Patrol and making food in her kitchen. Going to daycare while I’m in school has been great for her and I’ve noticed she’s learning so much there. I love my spunky cheese obsessed toddler ( she’s always sneaking the block out of the fridge and taking bites). The terrible twos are on full force and I try my hardest not to laugh at her when she’s mid tantrum. We have been blessed with a loving girl full of humour and life is never boring here in the Poulton household. Here’s some pictures from today – Macy trying to get me with her space laser gun!

The Story of Us

On September 4th of this past year we had the most beautiful wedding. I always wish I could go back and relive that day it went by so fast- its crazy all the planning and money that goes into that one day and then it is over before you know it. Lately a lot of people have been asking how me and Devin met so I am going to share about us. Continue reading

Romantic New Years Eve Tablescape with Value Village

I love sweet little dates with Devin whenever we have time ( once every few months sadly) but I had the idea of instead of finding a sitter for Miss Macy and going to a resteraunt you could totally make your own pretty table setting at home fit for a romantic date. Guess what’s even better? This is mostly all used items from Value Village! They blew me away this year with all their new and used holiday decor. When I was there I picked up : gold charger plates, white table cloth, a fake floral bouquet, gold vase, fake candles, silver berries and fake greenery. The gold vase was perfect for the bouquet and I even added in some dried oranges. Here are some photos for your tablescape inspiration. Can’t wait to cook a meal and use this for our date! 

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Christmas Favourites with Lush

I love this time of year- Christmas is coming up fast!! One of my fav places to shop for gifts and recieve gifts from is Lush Cosmetics. If you haven’t heard of Lush you need to head to your closest location and check them out! I could spend hours in there trying and smelling different products. This week we got a special box of goodies from Lush for Christmas and I wanted to share them with you. I’ve tried them all out this week and I highly recommend these products for the stockings in your family. Macy was so excited the box everything came in had a reindeer headband and the box turned into elves and ladders – so fun!

Here are some gift ideas : 

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb
Butter bear Bath Bomb ( great for kiddos stockings!) 
Peeping Santa Bubble Bar ( you just crumble a little bit under running water and you’ve got yourself a bubble bath)
Santasaurus Bubble Bar
Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly ( I put this in the freezer and it is super stimulating when you use it cold) 
Reindeer and Robin Fun This is super cool you use it to wash your hair and body but it’s mouldable clay you can make creations out of! ( see below) 

Santa Fun ( Macy loved making a clay Santa!)

Time to finish my Christmas shopping and I hope you do too! 


Staying Cozy with Simply Merino + Promo Code

Little baby pajamas are one of my biggest weaknesses. When I got these super soft pajamas for Macy from Simply Merino I couldn’t believe the amazing quality along with being super cute. They are made of a lovely 100% New Zealand wool so have been great for these cold nights we have been having. Another cool feature of these pajamas is that Merino wicks away moisture and helps regulates your little ones body temperature. They are super light and breathable. There’s nothing worse for a baby then sweating like no other because of way to warm pajamas! This pajama set is also naturally fire resistant…no chemicals or synthetic fabrics. Macy even wears her pajama pants with her daily outfits or her shirt under her jean jacket- they are a great colour which is very versatile. Macy also revived a cute matching toque which keeps her little head warm on our cold walks to daycare. It’s super stretchy so it will last a long time and I love that it doesn’t make Macy’s head super wet and sweaty. We had our first snow today and Macy put it on and is wanting to go play outside!

Here are some photos of the pajamas and toque, go check out Simply Merino! For all my readers I have a promo code : mamatomacy10 for 10% off. Get on getting your Christmas Eve pajamas for your little ones! 

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Xo Danielle